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Why Organic Simplicity

Our Story

Having experienced a horrific car accident as a young woman, I awoke 2 weeks later from an induced coma left with body and facial lacerations, broken bones and severe head trauma. 

After many months of physiotherapy, I retained most of what we take for granted; to walk, speak and feed myself.  And although my body had healed, I still showed the scars on my face. 

I was always that girl who loved feeling good, dressing up and having pretty things.  However, post-accident, I struggled to find my way back to the bright and bubbly person I was before. At the time, I felt worthless, ugly and frustrated. 

Many years later and thousands of products tested, I realised that I needed to embark on a journey of re-discovery, so I could ‘heal’ and allow my inner beauty to be reflected in my physical appearance.  I realised my passion was in beauty and helping others to find their true self.  I decided to educate myself by completing a Diploma in Beauty, followed by a Diploma in Massage.  It felt so right to be in the skin care and wellness industry.  

I knew this was possible and through pursuing my real passion of beauty, I wanted a space for ALL women to feel beautiful, safe and nurtured.  More importantly, I want women to fall in love with their skin again and again. 

Organic Simplicity now allows me to share my passion and my expertise with the world.

                               - Emma & Lee

Women deserve to feel their most beautiful, all day, every day so begin your journey with us and fall in love with your skin again and again.

What Our Clients Have To Say

I went to Emma for my first ever facial today.  She was amazing! Emma explained the whole treatment to me and made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire appointment.  I don't think my face has ever felt so soft and hydrated in my life! 
I can't wait to go back again and try out some of her other treatments.
Emily Catharell Client
I've been seeing Emma for a few months now, and she is great!  She helps me to understand what treatments will be best for my skin and I can tell she truly loves creating positive results for her clients.  I highly recommend her treatments and skin-care products.
Julia Matthews Client
My face feels amazing...
Emma was lovely and genuine...she ensured I understood the process and answered all my questions and recommended the best treatment plan for me.
I felt completely relaxed.
I have purchased her facial products and will let you know how they go! 
Kiresty Foxlee Client

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How We Can Help You

With the latest technology in skin analysis, combined with our expertise and passion, we want to help you fall in love with your skin again.

Tell us how we can help you.

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